Keyword Rank Checker Tool sets – Are you on first top 10 positions? Let’s check

Keyword Rank Checker Tool sets – Are you on first top 10 positions? Let’s check

We all work hard to rank our pages most of the time in Google SERPs and for this we continuously in search for best keyword rank checker tool available online for free or even paid. In this post you will find best handy tool sets to check your top 10 SERPs position in some well known search engines by your country specific TLD.

Checking keyword ranking position with Google search console analytics

Now to get you there let me share some of my experience with you. If I ask you do you really need a tool to check your website pages keyword ranking the secret is check your Google Webmasters tool aka Search Console assuming that you already using Google Search Console.

checking keyword ranking position google search console analytics

Use Google Analytics tool to Check Keyword for traffic to your website

To do so go to Google Analytics and log in, now select website property you want to check for keyword and the traffic that has arrived to your website. Select Acquisition under All Traffic select Channels and then Organic Search, now these are the keyword that bring most of the traffic to your website. See the screen shot below for more better understanding.

keyword traffic generation checking google analytics tool


Checking keyword ranking with SEO SERP Chrome extension

SEO SERP is a simple tool to quickly check keyword ranking position of multiple website at once. This is my favorite tool when doing competition research and making proposals to show up the client that your competitors have strong positions, but your not exists for the competing keyword. This tool also comes in Chrome Apps which you can download to check complete history and graphical representation of SEO keyword ranking. Get SEO SERP app here.

seo serp tool keyword ranking chrome extention

Rankaware SERP keyword rank checker for SEO Experts

Rankaware rank checker is a paid tool for checking keyword ranking the tool provides opportunity to check ranking position for Google, Bing and Yahoo at once, works automatically for bulk keyword rank checking and tracking results. You can schedule your task to check ranking with professional representation branding and reporting, works on Windows/Mac/iOs/Android. Rankaware offers 7 day free trial and they are very much sure about guaranteed accuracy. You can download the Rankaware SERP here and don’t forget to check their website.

rankaware serp rank checker tool seo

Top Freelance Marketplace Destinations you should consider when thinking of your Own Boss

Top Freelance Marketplace Destinations you should consider when thinking of your Own Boss

Hey Digital’s today I will provide you top freelance marketplace destinations where you should find great job opportunity if your thinking of becoming your own boss. If your employed somewhere, looking for job change or a fresher want to become a freelancer. There are tremendous opportunities for everyone in the freelance marketplace but wait.


Let’s Understand Freelance Meaning first

Freelance means-that your ready to take challenges of the new world, let me tell you that it is the future of working and this will replace the daily office going  routine one day. This means you work form anywhere you like, you become your own boss, find the job and work on whatever you like. Take the real time challenges as per market demand. Learn new tools and technology required to fulfill job description.

Freelancer job work opportunities if your employed

Before quitting your job set yourself in an environment where you have at least four paying clients. The next step is take some time after office hours, at your home to fully understand what is the functionality and how freelance marketplace works, to start with you need to choose the freelance destination according your need and interest from the list below. First of all register yourself with one of the freelance job board, build your portfolio, wisely fill-up all the field that is mandatory and make your profile 100% complete. You need a smile faced photograph to make your profile genuine, an ID issued by government of your county for verification purposes, a Paypal account to receive payments in your local currency into your bank account.

Not employed no problem follow the steps above and go further

While gaining the knowledge on how freelance community work I suggest you to find a paid job that interest you and you love to do. If your able to bear the unemployed and thinking of being an entrepreneur then you must gain the knowledge from the freelance marketplace. If your done with all the necessary steps then select a job category your interested in. Now you have to pass some exam as to proof your knowledge towards work that has been provided by the employer. The good or the bad think is that you have to test your self every time and this will give you many opportunity in the years to come. If your reading the job description I bet you, you will not find anywhere in much details like this one. A detail brief on job description and if your fully understand it means your 20% ahead of your competition.

earn money online with freelance marketplace

Why invest your time in freelance marketplace?

Let’s talk on some statistics that’s offer proof and food for thought “why invest your time in freelance marketplace”.

The biggest freelance marketplace on internet is Odesk and Elance. Odesk is now Upwork, infect Odesk and Elance share the same statistic for the year 2014 is $941M+ freelancer earnings 2.8M job posting, 2.7K skills available. see the full online work report. This is just collected from the two websites see the list below to find our more.

  3. Envato Studio

The website in bold letters provides jobs for almost any expertise. And now the bonus one, if you want to bid for the biggest project on the internet use the following in order to win big projects from the international marketplace.

Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console it’s for everyone so Define your Role and Goals

Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console it’s for everyone so Define your Role and Goals

Yes you’re reading it correct as per Google webmaster central blog Google has re-branded it with Google Search Console. The idea behind re-branding is there are users using webmaster tools as a hobby, small business owners, freelancers, experts in their own field, marketers using webmaster tools on regular basis to improve their business websites. The Google search console includes everyone who cares about their work and wants their work to be appearing online.

Since the webmaster tools helping the website owners from last 10 years or so, but it reflects as “Webmaster” the webmaster term define someone who is managing websites coding, errors, development, content upload and managing content management systems. The traditional idea limited to some of its users with webmaster tools expertise. After re-branding the company assume to serve the same as Google Search Console.

The name is more relevant and it reflects that the “webmaster tools” now for everyone who cares the web and search. Welcome to the new “Webmaster Tools” as “Search Console”.

SEO Interview Questions 2015

SEO Interview Questions 2015


SEO interview questions 2015 updated for beginners, intermediate and experts in the SEO domain. SEO is the most important for any website that want to generate organic traffic so that visitors find the resource easily by typing the keywords in the search engine and find it.

So your ready to face your first interview and wanted to know the type of questions may be asked by interviewer. In a general scenario your interviewer ask easy question first then the toughest one. Being a fresher or one to two years of experience I suggest you that read all question carefully it is related one by one, also make a hobby of reading questions where ever you see it will help you break you first interview. Go ahead and read the SEO interview questions for beginners level.

SEO interview questions for beginners

  1. What is your own definition for SEO?
  2. Do you follow any Blog about SEO, if yes give the name?
  3. What tool you use to do keyword research?
  4. What is page Title. What points you consider to create it for your pages?
  5. What is on-page and off-page or onsite and off-site in SEO?
  6.  Does meta keywords still in use by search engine, why some website still using it.
  7. According to you what are the top 10 ranking factors?
  8. What is the length of page titles that most search engine consider?
  9. What is PageRank?
  10. What is Backlinks?
  11. What is the role of anchor text in SEO?
  12. What is inbound links and why it is important?
  13. What is outbound links does it harm my SEO efforts?
  14. What is robots.txt how it is helpful?
  15. What is sitemap? Explain different type of sitemap?
  16. How many heading a page should have and way?
  17. What is importance of Webmaster tools particularly Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.
  18. What type of keyword you suggest for my website product and services and way?
  19. Do you know what is Black Hat?
  20. What is robots how it is different from robots.txt?


seo interview question beginners intermediate experts

SEO interview questions for Intermediate

  1. What type of SEO you most like and expert in?
  2. List down three things that are out dated in SEO?
  3. List down three things which are working in seo?
  4. What is the most useful methods to increased conversion?
  5. What is the major things you will check in pre analysis?
  6. How you will decide optimized content?
  7. Your site is flagged as having malware, how will you find out?
  8. what is 90/10 rule in link building?
  9. What is 80/20 rule in SEO?
  10. I want to cache my page every hour what shoud I do?
  11. I want a search box in SERP for my branded or non branded keywords?
  12. What is white hat SEO?
  13. What is black hat SEO?
  14. What is Gray hat SEO?
  15. Does directory submission help?
  16. What is the latest update you read about Google.
  17. What is Google panda? What strategy you will use for quality content?
  18. What is Google penguin?
  19. What is DMCA?
  20. What meta data do you use for SEO? What do you think of Social SEO meta data like Schema, Open Graph and Twitter Card?

SEO interview questions for Experts

  1. What is redirection, when redirection required?
  2. Please suggest if I have to redirect my complete website to new domain what points I need to consider without harming the SEO?
  3. What is SSL and how this is useful in SEO?
  4. What is viwport how it will help?
  5. My analytics account showing links of pages that actually not exist in my website how would you solve it.
  6. I am already on page one for some keywords how can you help me with SEO?
  7. A news website want to do SEO its content as soon as it published but sometime the breaking news arrived in the morning 5:30 am and after midnight 1:40 am. How will you ensure the SEO for this particular content.
  8. What is canonicalization? How will you resolve it?
  9. What is pagination what is the benefit of pagination?

  10. what SEO tools do you use that most help you in achieving desired goals.