15 biggest SEO mistakes avoid 2016

15 Biggest SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Most online marketers spend a lot of time interpreting SEO, from new rules to new updates and algorithms. But as the technology continues to advance, what you may know about SEO some years back might not work today.

Since Search Engine Optimization can be complex in its ever adjusting nature, it is easy for marketers to make mistakes. Here are 15 SEO mistakes to avoid as online marketers.

1. Using many images for menus and headings

Using text for headings helps search engines to easily discover whatever they are looking for. Even though images will make your website look good, remember search engines cannot read images. Because of the inability of search engines to read or recognize images, having many images has no effect on improved rankings.

2. Backlink spamming

Make sure you create backlinks from relevant sites like article directories. If you can, avoid getting backlinks from hidden links, link farms or certain link wheels. Irrelevant sites can have a negative effect on your site, and may even cause your website to be blacklisted by Google and other search engines. When you use too much interlinking, particularly from non-relevant sites, it will be considered backlink spamming.

3. Bad collection of keywords

When selecting keywords, make sure you do not select unique or highly popular keywords. If you decide to use unique keywords, you may get your site at the top of the ranking but perhaps not any relevant client. If you choose highly popular keywords, you may face stiff competition from other sites that are already at the top.

4. Ignoring title tags

Most newbie marketers ignore title tags. What they do not know is that using keywords in the title tags improves your business site’s SEO. Search engines can easily find significant keywords in the beginning. This makes it easier and faster.

5. Ignoring sitemap

When marketers make JavaScript menus but do not provide sitemaps, their sites fails to make an impact on search engines. You need to know that search engines do not read JavaScript. To be safe, use sitemaps to help indexing and crawling.

6. Failing to provide HTML version

If a marketer designs a business website only in the flash, then it becomes hard for users with a slower connection do download it. It becomes even harder for the search engines. The search engine will ignore such sites. Ensure you provide an HTML version for your business website.

7. Stuffing your content with many keywords

Even though keyword strategy is the best way to target a higher SEO result, you should not stuff too many keywords in your content. The major search engines will decrease your site ranking if they notice your page is filled with keywords. In addition, your audience will stop reading your content since they do not add any value to them. Some visitors will never again visit your site, and your time, money and effort will be of no use.

8. Stealing others content for your website

Avoid being a copycat. Stealing content from other websites might not be noticed by some, but you will not fool everyone. Search engine robots are very wise and will easily identify an original content and a duplicate one. Duplicate content may satisfy your laziness but is not conducive to you site ranking.

9. Ignoring search engine guidelines

It is good to read search engine guidelines very careful because using SEO practices that are considered corrupt have serious consequences. It is, therefore, important to read the search engine guidelines constantly. For example, Google will change its algorithm constantly. This means you must comply or else your site rankings will be affected.

10. Confusing Pay per Click with SEO

Most online marketers confuse Pay per Click with SEO. It is important to differentiate the two to ensure your page rankings are not affected. To be safe, you should seek the services of SEO experts.

11. Ignoring social elements

Some marketers do not know the importance of social elements. Social media can increase your site ranking. Therefore ensure that you have a social presence by sharing your contents through all your social channels and gain references from social elements that have impressive reputations.

12. Avoid using tiny and fancy fonts

Use of FrontPage is not advisable. When you use them, there is a possibility that your output may be poorly crafted, and may not be compatible with all browsers. A very small spelling mistake might create attention and bring visitors, but undermine the quality of your site.

13. Concentrating on the detail instead of the bigger picture

SEO is a mixture of numerous factors, and no single factor can guarantee a decrease or an increase in ranking. Hence, it is good to implement all the basics of SEO and try to optimize your site as a whole. Always use the best SEO practices and ensure you do not lose the bigger picture when concentrating on the detail.

14. Failing to budget for SEO activity

Engaging is SEO is not expensive. However, it is important to budget for it. You need to put some effort to ensure your site is engaging is as many SEO approaches for it to rank high.

You need to set aside a budget for SEO tools, or experts to help you achieve a higher ranking. There are many SEO tools to raise your business site. But ensure you get reliable and current SEO services because cheap services may be easy for the short-term project, but this will cost you in the long run.

15. Going for cheap SEO services

Those cheap and quick SEO solutions can cost you a lot. In fact, most of them do not obey search engine guidelines. Hence, before using any SEO service, make sure you know the strategies and systems used. If it looks cheap and quick, it may be fake.

Final tip – In order to succeed in online marketing, you should conduct good SEO and always avoid bad SEO practices. And SEO is not a thing that you can achieve overnight. It needs continuous research and practice. You need to keep continue and change some strategies if required.

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  1. An excellent post on SEO, which I was seeking this for a long time. Well, and correctly said about SEO practice. Informational knowledge about how to do SEO of a website. Thanks now I learned to know everything about how to optimize a blog post for SEO.

    It’s crazy how many people never even practice Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a remarkable tool that can show you a lot if you practice learning how to use it. Although I use the all-in-one SEO plugin for a long time, now I got to know how to use it productively. One of the serious mistakes users make not picking an exact matched targeted keywords. Choosing the right keywords is essential, and you can save time by storing lists of keywords you have created collected for later use. I examine keywords for every post. Selecting the wrong keywords can completely decimate you if you’re intending on doing SEO. This is excellent and ultimately got something to learn after walking around on the other blogs. Thanks for this fabulous article. Bookmarked.

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I’m new to online marketing, and this is really helpful! Since getting started, I’ve been bombarded by “spin writers” and such to create a TON of content quickly, but you seem to say that these search engines have become sophisticated enough to determine when your content is crap. Am I understanding that right?

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