4 Tips to Increase App Installation

4 Tips Increase Android App Installs

Discover an effective mobile app promotion strategies that will help you increase app downloads. In this post, you’ll learn, ‘how to increase app installation’ that is, how to get your app downloaded.

Read 4 Best Tips to Increase Android App Installation

Tip 1. Google App Installs Increase through SEO

You get started, you need a search engine strategy (SEO) to optimize your app. This will boost app download, as you rank high on SERP. Target the keyword that you want to rank your apps.

Tip 2. Increase App Installs through Social Media Optimization

One of the top strategies used by businesses to maximize app download is through a social media campaign. Perhaps, advertise your apps on social media. Here are few trending social media platforms to get the most attention:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • FourSquare


Tip 3. Increase Android App Installs through Sponsor your App

You can use a sponsor to get your app on top of search and trending. In fact, itis a perfect new revenue generator technique. You can also download your app via a large sponsor through YouTube on Sponsor or the other websites. Moreover, it will give your app more integrated presence than in-app ads with sponsorship.

Tip 4. Increase Android App Installs through Email Marketing

If you think email marketing is a beaten and out outdated method, then you need to reconsider it. You can maximize your app reach by sending them emails direct in their inbox. For this, you need a good database and new email database. Nevertheless, your hard work is worthless.


No matter, how great or well-designed is your app! If you don’t add enough efforts and time into promotion, no one will ever download. With today’s market competition, it’s important to learn promotion strategies. Join Digital Shiksha Mobile Marketing Course to boost your knowledge and develop kickass strategies for your clients.

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