How to Add Meta Tag in Website?

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how to add meta tag

As a content developer, we ignore the importance of Meta Tag in post. Meta Tags are important SEO ranking factor in search engines. But how to add Meta Tag in Website? In this post, I will share a few simple steps to create Meta Tag in Website.

We previously covered what are Meta tags and there benefits. In this post, we will discuss different ways to add Meta tags in a web page. Every content writer put extreme effort, research, and time to rank a page for top search results. Some efforts like keyword research, backlink, SEO optimization take days or even weeks.

SEO is essential to increase organic traffic. SEO friendly post is crucial for bloggers so does Meta Tags Code.

What is Meta Tag?

Meta tags are little snippets of HTML code. A Meta tag describes the web page content to search engine. Tags have a large impact on SEO for any website. Thus, adding Meta Tags to blog benefit to contemplate webmasters to provide search engines with information about sites.

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How Meta Tags Works?

Meta tag segment into four sub-niches. Every four type of Meta tag is important to differentiate. We all talk all four of them here in the post. There are several debates going on the importance of different types of Meta Tags. Honestly, there are few Meta tags worth using regularly, while others help to improve ranking.  Let’s discuss four types of Meta tags:

1. Meta Keyword Attribute

Meta keywords attribute is a text display on the top of the web browser. It is a specific type of HTML code of a web page. A Meta keyword helps search engine to understand the contextual of the page.

<meta name= “keywords” content= “SEO, Hacker, Google, Search, etc”/>

The keyword tag is where you put all of the keywords to use on the website. This is basically where you put words of the SERPs page the user should be able to know what your site is all about when they read keywords.

2. Meta Title Tag

What is the title tag? How to write a title tag? Does meta title tag help improve SEO? A Meta title tag is an HTML component to specify the title of a webpage. A title tag describes the webpage title in the search engine.

<title>Title text here</title>

3. Meta Description Tag

Meta description tag is where you add website summary. The summary includes an overview of site products and services. If should not be too long because the search engines only read up to certain number of words.

<meta name= “description” content=” This is where you put your site’s summary”/>

How to Add Meta Tags in Header?

A meta tag goes in the header area of the webpage. Typically, it looks like


<title>Welcome To Digital Shiksha</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”Best Digital Marketing Blog” />

<meta name=”robots” content=”noodp” />

<meta name=”keywords” content=”digitial marketing, SEO, SMO” />


Meta tag is different for all pages. It depends on the focus keyword you plan to rank a specific webpage.

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