SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the optimization for Search Engines with a defined process and algorithm that involve Search Engine guidelines, through SEO you get organic traffic from various source that is free of cost. SEO helps in getting found online and save you money weather you’re running paid campaigns on Search Engine, Social Media or on Mobile.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization


You’ve likely to hear word SEO enough time while internet marketing. In fact, SEO is meant to be the key to the internet marketing world. However, people who are not tech savvy, might not be familiar with the word SEO. Every day, WordPress users alone publish over 2 million blog posts. That results in 24 …

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What is Slug

What is a Slug and How To Write Optimized Slug?

SEO Beginners may come acquaintance with a word ‘Slug’. Various articles and post refer to it as an important part of an effective SEO strategy, but what does this mean? In this post, we’ll discuss what is a slug, why it’s important for SEO and how to create a slug using a WordPress website. What …

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Backlink Checker Tools

Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools for SEO

The mantra of successful website marketing for free if you have high search visibility. With the change in the way people do SEO, the backlink is still the same. Because of the fact that having a good backlink have a positive impact on your website SEO. However, it’s a great way to get a higher …

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Types of Sitemaps

Types of Sitemaps

Whether you want to create a sitemap for your large website or for a smaller site destined for growth, you need to understand the type of sitemap that will work best for your site. Sitemaps may address to users or to software. In fact, many sites have a systematic view of sitemaps visible to users. …

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Sitemaps and Indexing

Understanding Sitemaps and Indexing for SEO

Imagine you write and post content on your site daily to get traffic to your website. Every Week you produce a dozen content likely in different formats like blogs, videos, and images. However, you fail to do so as there are no visitors to your site. Nevertheless, Sitemaps can help you achieve that. You’ve likely …

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