Social Media Marketing

Social media-a type of web application or website that helps and allow people to communicate over internet using web application or websites. People can create, share, tag, advertise and exchange information using text, pictures and video and personalize it in many ways.

Career in Social Media Marketing

How To Build A Career In Social Media Marketing

Are you a social media addict and you wish to start a career in Social Media Marketing? Online marketing via social media has become a top priority for most companies over the past few years. Many of us believe, without social media, businesses cannot drive sales while that’s absolutely true. Social media marketing is a …

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Social media campaign

Re-thinking About Social Media Campaign

Every business needs to go an extra mile in order to engage customers. Social media is one such platform for entrepreneurs, to reach 3.196 billion (Global Digital Report 2018) of users.  Perhaps, with 4.021 billion internet users and 5.135 billion mobile users worldwide. The global increase in social media users has open doors to expand …

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Social media management tools

6 Best Social Media Management Tools

Companies spend lots of money to design an effective social media campaign. As the social media has made it easier to interact, listen, and collaborate with the audience. But, when it comes to reaching the large audience, the sheer volume makes the entire process time-consuming. In such cases, social media management tools give a huge …

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how to find most popular searches online

How to Find Most Popular Searches Online

There are many search engine and online tools those keep a track on trending web searches, in both real-time or in a form of an archived list. The prime need for these tools is to track relevant online trends. Researching what people search for on the web is an effective way to keep up with …

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