Social Media Marketing

Social media-a type of web application or website that helps and allow people to communicate over internet using web application or websites. People can create, share, tag, advertise and exchange information using text, pictures and video and personalize it in many ways.

social media marketing by the numbers 2016

Social Media Marketing Statistics Info-graphic on Why Use Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter

Social media marketing by the numbers the complete statistics for 2016 on why we must use Facebook, Google-Plus, and Twitter to share our content that reaches to masses.

5 facebook marketing tips 2016

5 Facebook Marketing Tips You Must Use

Facebook is extremely popular worldwide and marketers understand its potential for growing a brand. However, taking advantage of its wide appeal is not as easy as many people think it is. In 2012, the website had 8 million pages jumping up to 16 million pages in 2013. Since then the number of business pages on the site continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, some business owners benefit more from using the website than others do. For example, they generate more likes, followers, leads, and shares than their business rivals do.

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