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New Google Search Console Announce Security Issue Feature

New Google Search Console Announce Security Issue Feature

January 31, 2019

Google takes it’s security issues seriously! Google Webmaster announced moving of old Security Issue. Feature into the new version of Search Console.  Today, Google Search Console announced to move the old Security Issue feature in the new version. In fact, Google made it official by posting on …

migrate http to https

A Complete Guide to Migrate HTTP to HTTPS

September 16, 2018

[wp_ad_camp_1] If you are going to collect the sensitive information or conduct the transactions online, you must plan to migrate it from HTTP to https on your website. To discover why, so let us start with some of the definitions: …

keyword basics researched

Keywords Basics

July 22, 2018

The best way to use keywords to your advantage is to know the words and phrases people are likely to use when searching for the content your website provides. Once you have identified the words and phrases people are likely to use, do your best to incorporate these words and phrases into the content on your site. Make sure the words and phrases are included in the content in a fluid manner, however, as search engines can mark your site as “spam” if they feel you are using keywords that are irrelevant to your content, simply to drive up your traffic.

http status codes

HTTP Status Codes

June 10, 2018

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTTP response status codes are returned when search engines or website visitors make a request to a web server. These codes with three digit value indicate the response and status of HTTP requests. The http response starts form 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx for 1xx I suggest you to do some search hear I am explaining you the rest of the http status codes.