Google Allo: What did Google miss on?

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google allo

Google Allo was a popular smartphone application. The program is invented by Google for instant messaging service. Google Allo was launched in September 2016 in 10 different languages but was discontinued by Google in December 2018. The application is compatible with the operating system of android, iPhones and also with web browsers like Opera, Chrome.

How Google Allo Works?

Google Allo app allows chatting with family, friends, and anyone who is using the application on the device. The users could interact by interchanging messages, images, files and voice messages through the network. It had the feature of virtual assistant which could create automatic reply and incognito mode for encryption.

Features of Google Allo

  • Google Allo functions identify phone numbers only. The user needs no social media accounts to access the app.
  • Google Allo feature smart reply to suggest options just like Chabot. The reply is based on the previous message through machine learning technique of Google. Not only on messages, but this feature also supports images chat. It was done by determining human behavior and provides suitable suggestions.
  • Allo app works perfectly with Google Assistant to allow the user to ask any question and get a response instantly.
  • One of the best Google Allo features was “Whisper Shout”. The program enables users to access to modify the size of the message and also to draw on the photo.
  • Smart smiley feature was also introduced which provided suggestions of smiley emoji and stickers.
  • The Google Allo update allowed on android users to send different types of files like PDF, Documents and Zip archives
  • Later the updated version of Allo app allowed the users to back up data and restore conversations.
  • Same month Google updated Allo again and AI Technology was used to add stickers on photos.
  • Finally, Allo chats were made compatible with Google Duo for multimedia conversation

Google Allo was officially discontinued in March 2019 after Google announced it’s shut down in December 2018. Reasons for discontinuation of Google Allo are as follows –

Discontinuation of Google Allo

  • During the launch of Google Allo, it was said that the privacy feature of the app was strong but eventually to improve the smart reply feature, Google kept logs of all conversations in Allo, which led them falling flat.
  • Since the encryption feature was optional, there was strong criticism from privacy and security experts because it breached the privacy policy and information of users were open for anyone to access.
  • It was also reported that a bug in Google Allo with Google assistant could share the conversation from any user’s chat history accidentally without them having any knowledge about it.

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