Google Lens: Search for What You See

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google lens

Learn everything you need to know about Google Lens. The best image recognition technology by Google. Design to make image information available in one click.

What is the Google lens?

Google lens is a 21st-century smart technology developed by Google. Google lens algorithm makes the application unique. It is basically an image recognition technology which uses visual analysis in smartphones and identifies the details about any object when point towards it using the camera of any smartphone. Google Lens works by reading QR codes, written text or labels and offers suggestions. It could also identify and provide information about normal pictures.

Google lens demo was launch by Google in 2017 in 7 languages. The initial Google lens update was available for Pixel phones only. But in 2018 Google lens device compatibility was made available for other platforms as well. The Google lens function is available in the Google Play Store. The Google lens operating system supports both android and iOS phone lovers.

How Google Lens Works?

Google Lens access in the following ways –

  • Google Assistant – Google Lens integrates within Google assistant for all devices and the Google lens icon is on the bottom right corner of Google assistant. Simply click on it and set your smartphone camera on the object, details will start to show up. Google lens helps get information about any object point towards it.
  • Google Lens App – Google Lens is available as an App on the android platform with great features.  Unlike Google Assistant, one could directly access the image through the lens app and notify instantly.
  • Google Photos – Google lens integrate Google Photos for most of the android smartphones these days. When you open Google photos, there will be an icon for Google lens at the bottom of the screen. The Google lens scan select picture. Thus, provide the best possible information through Google search engine.

What makes Google Lens Popular?

Here are 6 random facts that make use of Google Lens use popular.

  • Smart Text scan: Did you know you can use the Google lens for laptops. Google lens has a unique feature of scanning any type of text and copying it directly to your smartphone. This feature helps to directly enter any text like login id, phone numbers, ticket numbers, etc. into the screen as well without manually adding it.
  • Easy text search: Google lens text search allows the users to search any text from any item, product or image simply by highlighting it on the lens and searching it through Google assistant. This reduces the efforts of manually entering any text and one could directly copy-paste it to save time while searching it.
  • Easy translation: Google lens makes life easy when dealing with unknown languages. As Google lens translator allows users to translate text from any language into your desired language just by scanning it in no time.
  • Know about everything around you: We come across so many different things on a daily basis like animals, plants and so much more. Google lens finder helps educate one about any image put into it and provides detail information and ideas regarding it.
  • Discover different fashion styles: One could anytime come across an awesome outfit or a beautiful home décor item. Google lens fashion finder helps its users to find similar relating products without the need to give a description of the product with all details.
  • Explore popular places:  While on any outing, you happen to find many monuments, building and landmarks which have some historic or cultural significance but sometimes you can’t know everything about it. Google lens places help us to know the rating, facts and operating hours directly just by scanning a picture of it.

Google Lens offers awesome features for users to have fun. They why does someone need Google Lens Alternative?

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