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Google Maps Local – Reach New Heights Everyday on Google Maps!

Google Maps Local is a unique online community-driven forum to local guides. The user shares knowledge reviews, and photos on Google Maps for others benefit to explore the World. Google maps is a web mapping service by Google LLC. It service is available in more than 80+ languages. Google Map where introduce on February 8, 2005.

Last year, there were 5 million Local Guides around the world. Remarkably, the number has now grown to 50 million — a 10x increase in one year.

What is Google Maps Local?

Google maps local is program introduce by Google Maps. The program enables users to contribute information to Google Maps. In return, users enjoy perks against sharing information. A user can add the following information to Google Maps Local:

  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Basic Information
  • Video
  • Correct Information

What are the Benefits of Google Maps Local?

Some of the benefits of contributing to Google Maps are:

  • Invite Meetups and
  • Create Summits
  • Free Google Drive Data
  • Earn Badges
  • Free Google Guide Local Tshirts at Level 4

Let’s now talk more about levels

Level 1: 0 points

  • Free access to Google Maps

Level 2: 5 to 50 points

  • Get early access to new Google products and news
  • Promote meetups on the calendar

Level 3: 50 to 100 points

  • Get noticed among local badge community
  • Eligible to receive training and promotion of community

Level 4: 200 to 500 points

  • Free Google Drive Storage for one year
  • Eligible to get a feature on Google Official Online Channels

Level 5: 500+ Points

  • Opportunity to test Google new products
  • Apply to 10 Local Guides summits

Get Recognize

Google maps Local allows users to share information and earn points. The information can be in a form of reviews, photos, or knowledge on Maps. Earning points lead to reach higher levels of the program. There are many benefits like early access to Google perks. Visit: Local Guides Help

Maps contribution

Contribute more to Google Maps and earn more points. It’s all about passion to add places online on maps by adding new places or simply by commenting.

  • Edit – 5 points per edit
  • Review – 5 points per review
  • Rating – 1 point per rating
  • Photo – 5 points per photo
  • Answer – 1 point per answer
  • Place added – 15 points per place added
  • Fact Checked – 1 point per fact-checked