7 Actionable Tips to Rank on First Page of Google Secretes For Amateur SEO Bloggers

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Tips to Rank On First Page for SEO Bloggers

Bloggers are making nice content and there’s no doubt in it. But, when it comes to search engine rankings or the views they are getting- it doesn’t do any justice to their content. Content creators leave SEO far behind sometimes to make good content. They forget to balance both aspects as they are amateur in the SEO niche. Getting on top of Google is not a walk on flower bed! It is tough and it takes time to get on top of search engine rankings. If you are struggling to get your website on top of the Google rankings tool.

How To Rank a Blog on Google First Page

Ranking your blog on the first page of Google SERPs is not a piece of cake. For SEO beginners it can be as challenging as writing an SEO optimized content. Here is the list of 7 actionable tips which will help you to get on the first page of Google rankings.

1. Add alternative texts to the images

If you want to get high Google search engine rankings, then try making your content rich of everything-especially SEO. Google also checks the search results and compares users’ search engine queries with your blog’s image alternative text. So, try giving your images alternative texts as this might come in very helpful in boosting your blog on search engine rankings. Due to the lack of alternative text, Google will not be able to load images according to search queries. It is just like that every image must be having some name and Google remember it with your image’s name.

2. Internal Linking of articles is must

It basically means keep your content glued. If you are having two or more articles relatable, you can leave the link of others in one article or you can do the same in others. For example: if we talk about e-commerce website coupons and deals related to particular website like click on Paytm Cashback directly take you to the best deals of the page. Finally, when a user or viewer reads your article, there are thick chances, he/she will change the page to other relatable content? It will give your website good viewing for a long time and more time a user spend on your website, it becomes more likeable that Google will boost your content on top.

3. Get some backlinks

Backlinks always have your back when it comes to DA or PA. It is a must-do thing for any blogger- getting backlinks. Try reaching to any influencer which can give you some backlinks or get to any website owner and pay him/her for backlinks. You can also get backlinks by any website if your content is good. If you are getting backlinks from any high DA website, then you will get the trust of Google that even high DA websites trust you. This means that you can be trusted too. More the backlinks you have, more chances will be there for better website rankings- as simple as that.

4. Grab an SSL certificate

If you want to rank better on Google or any search engine, secure your website. If you are having a WordPress website or any other website, try getting “https” ahead of your URL. And, this thing will come when you will attach an SSL certificate with your website. Google or any other search engine wants to give its customers or searchers the best experience which you can only get on secure websites. And, that’s the key- SSL certified website will rank high on Google and make your website secure.

5. Build AMP version of your website

It is as easy as it gets- tries building an AMP version of your website. No one wants to access a website or go to a website where the loading speed is less. Everybody wants to go to the website where the website loads content fast. In this case, building an AMP version will help you a lot. An AMP version of the website will make your webpages lighter and not required CSS and JavaScripts will vanish. And, this is what will make this website load faster. So, Google or any other search engine will provide those websites on top which load faster and don’t take much time to show their content.

6. Don’t use boring titles

The title is the key for every blog you write. See, boring titles won’t attract or bring any audience to your blog. Make your blog’s title catchy which brings viewers. Try using adjectives like Top, How to, Best, Awesome, Proven, Advanced, Awesome, Great, Useful in your article. Also, keywords are helpful to increase page ranking if you are using appropriate keywords then it would definitely be helpful. For example, if we talk about an article on food and we are giving keywords like click on Swiggy Coupon to get great discounts on your order. It also increased the cost of traffic. These are some proven words which makes your title interesting and it is likely that you will get more visitors if you sue these words in your articles. More visitors mean you will get high on search rankings which will eventually give a boost to your website. Example: hair transplant in Mumbai

7. Share your content on social sites

To make your blog rich in the audience and have good traffic, social networking sites play a very vital role in it. Go and share your content on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Go to Reddit, go to Quora and share your content. Google or any other search engine checks from here you are getting valid traffic. If you get traffic from social platforms, the search engine knows that and places you high on the search rankings. So, it is a must-do task to share blogs on these platforms and boost your site’s performance.

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Sakshi Bali

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