Google Text Ads on YouTube Search Results

Now Show Google Text Ads on YouTube Search Results

YouTube continues to expand Search Partner offering from Google Shopping Ads in 2016, Location Extension in 2018, and now its time for Google Text Ads in 2019.

YouTube added a new feature to its Search Partner offering. Now, when you opt for search partner in Google Ad Search campaign, your Text Ad will display in YouTube SERPs. On contrary, this will only appear when users search for relevant keywords to your campaign on the video platform. While this feature is only available on mobile devices.

What are Google text ads? Google text ads appear on Google results page and across the network. For example, Search Network,

Search Partners, and the Display Network. The ads may look vary on different devices.

What you should do? Depending on your business domain targeted keywords you will experience a significant increase in Search Partner impressions. For example, retail business will get a higher number of YouTube to impress compared to Financial Services. Because of the higher number of searches and content aimed at targeted retail keywords.

There is a debate on the value of Search Partners. However, a majority of business experience a high number of impressions with little or no clicks. Google said that they have been testing this new feature on YouTube for a   and saw positive results. Therefore, Google Search Ads on YouTube strengthen the Search Partners performance.

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