Sonu Pandey

Sonu Pandey

About Me

Hi, I am Sonu Pandey founder at Digital Shiksha, me and my team working for digital marketing excellence since the idea first came to my mind in February 2012.

Education & Experience

A little about me I am a MCA Post Graduate and working in the digital marketing domain with 12 years of digital marketing experience.

Why am I here?

I love digital marketing because it really works the best part, you can track whatever you do in terms of marketing your product or services.

What can I do for You?

I will enable digital marketing in you from the basic to the advance of everything that digital marketing covers from finding keywords to customer acquisition.

Why do you learn Digital Marketing?

  • You will work for brands
  • You will be able to create brands
  • You will become your own boss
  • You only need 4 clients to become entrepreneur

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