Secret Revealed to Succeed in Google News in 2019

Secret Revealed to Succeed in Google News in 2019

With the beginning of the New Year, Danny Sullivan shares best practices and advice to publishers. We like to share some best practice we hope will lead to more success with Google News this year.


  • Make sure to read advice available on Google News Publisher Help Center.
  • Review your headline, including HTML title tags. Google News looks at a variety of signals to evaluate article headling.
  • Show a clear, visible date and time in between the article headline and test. This prevents other dates to appear on the page.
  • Use correct time zone designator for AMP or non-AMP pages.
  • Use the data published and dateModified schema.
  • Avoid artificially freshening stories without adding significant stores.
  • Avoid duplicate content as Google News seeks only original content. For instance, scrapped, republished, or re-written.
  • Eliminate links with schemes including large-scale article marketing programs or selling PageRank.
  • Use rich presentation of structured data while using both  AMP and non-AMP pages. This will help to optime your page content.
  • Always secure your page with HTTPS.

Why follow this guide?

Google News is an imperative platform to drive traffic to your publication. The tips posted above, besides Google publishers help centre, are fundament to success. Every publisher can take advantage of these tips so that they can make sure their site perform well in Google News.

For more insight into the blog read: Ways to Succeed in Google News

Let’s us know how these recommendations worked for your Google News project?

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