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SEO Made Interesting | SEO Motivation 2019

You have been working on SEO projects for years. After some time we all get bored while working consistently on the same project. You need some motivation to make SEO projects more interesting. Thus, making work more interesting which we do daily motivates us to achieve our goals effectively. This not only improves productivity but also helps to increase ROI in the long-run.

Its human nature to get bored during repetitive work. Especially, if you’re in SEO Business, researching on similar keyword daily can be quiet tedious. Certainly, it depends on individuals also how they make work more interestingly.

Now, let’s get into to how to make SEO more interesting to make work more fun as well as your clients satisfied by giving them good ranking.

Extensive Research

The cornerstone of every SEO success is in-depth research. Having sufficient and accurate data on the subject you are currently working is the first step to SEO. In fact, you must have complete knowledge of company product and services. Once you have accomplished this, it will make your project interesting in general.

How to make SEO research more interesting? Of course, the internet offers tons of data, but more often, digging into the ocean can be much more overwhelming as well as time-consuming. The alternative to the internet is using SEO tools. There are a bunch of SEO tools available online. See: Best SEO tool 2019

An SEO tool will give you insight into clients website analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, backlink analysis, and more. Some of the popular SEO research tools are SEMRush, Coggle, Cold Turkey, SlideShare, Lazy Scholar etc.

Social Media Marketing

One of the hardest part when it comes to social media is to create interesting content for every client. Moreover, social media is not a one time SEO strategy. It requires consistent and fresh ideas. Working on fresh ideas for several clients can be a little monotonous.  Let’s jump into our list of fun social media marketing techniques to help you boost sales and drive engagement.

How to spice up your social media strategy? Sharing user-generated content is a perfect way to give social media followers a fresh perspective. This helps to build a stronger relationship between the brand an audience. Who doesn’t love free traffic? Organizing a giveaway or contest is a great way to engage your fans and followers while working on increasing audience. However, creating contagious content is an interesting way to keep yourself busy. For example, post behind the scenes, use more emojis, create a how-to-do video, audience poll, run facebook live, partner with other brands etc.

When you feel bored with daily SEO practice, indulge in unique social media strategy. Choose any options from above to spice up your campaign.

Try New Things

Always try to do things directly. The best way to implement this is to research market if anything new is happening. This will further engage your interest an will help you with rankings. The best part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that every morning brings something new. For example, you can make a video campaign, run a content, try new SEO strategy on weekly basis, monitor and analyse competitors strategy, or try to write new content.

To conclude, every SEO professional should get inspiration from daily Google New update. This will make your life more fun and interesting in attracting people.