4 Awesome Ways to Write SEO Optimized Article that rank 1st in Search Engine

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Write an awesome SEO optimize article by mastering the art of writing SEO article. Take your SEO writing career to the next level. Read 4 awesome tips to write SEO optimized an article.

Anyone can write an article for a website, newspaper, or a magazine. But writing articles for a website to rank top in search engines requires expert SEO technique. The technique involves writing unique content and build quality links. High-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

This is how we do at ‘Digital Shiksha’. Wherever we begin with writing an SEO optimized article, we start with considering pre-set rules. By following these golden rules to write SEO content, we ensure that our article ranks 1st in Google.

Besides selecting the article title, there is an essential checklist to SEO content optimization. In this post, we will cover each aspect of SEO optimized article which will make you SEO HERO.

Let’s get into the topic.

What is SEO Optimized Article?

SEO Optimized article meaning is the best practice to copywriting adhering to search engine rankings. SEO optimized article writing is a hack to fool the SERPs. It comprises of various elements and followed by strategy.

4 Secret Tips on How to Write SEO Optimized Articles

Learn the best SEO optimization article writing tips with these 4 secrets. Each tip mention below is shared by expert SEO writers. Anyone can write an article, but it takes a special kind of practice to trick the Google search engine.

1. Extensive SEO Topic Research

This is not causal research as you do in case of writing an article. You need desirable skills with a birds-eye view to understand ‘what users want’ and ‘what they are looking for’. As you discover, what the user search online, it will make a difference the way you write.

Do not shoot in dark. Once you find the target niche, plan content. Follow these easy step when begin to writing the SEO content.

Enter the keyword in search engine. For instance, take a keyword “how to make an eggless cake?” While you research for the topic, note the top 20 Google search results. Monitor the content on each web page. Create a shortlist of topics, hints, sub-heading, and everything related to content. Use the research materials in your SEO copywriting. This will ensure your SEO content covers every topic the user is searching, thereby, is high-on demand. Compile all data and summarized key point to your SEO web copy.

You can use SEO topic research tools like SEMrush or Answer the Public for topic research. These are the best free topic research tool for content developers.

2. SEO Article Title

The article title is an important attribute to rank article top in search engine. Google search engine match the article title with user input keyword phrase. Google ensures users find the best results matching their keyword. Therefore, add targeted keyword in your article.

For example, if your article focus keyword is ‘eggless cake recipe’; then add the focus keyword in SEO title.

The best SEO title, in this case, will be ‘Best Eggless Cake Recipe’ or ‘Step-by-Step Eggless Cake Recipe’. Remember, that your title should be different from competitors. How to check if your title is different?

Just enter your SEO article title in the Google search engine in an inverted comma. If there are any pages with similar results, Google will display. Another way is to check the title duplicate using a plagiarism tool.

Besides, your article should comprise of one number and one power word. For example “2 Effective Ways to Write Content”. Combination of both will make the content title more powerful.

Not sure about how to create a unique title? Try Portents Title Generator Tool. It is a free blog title generator. You can even use as a unique headline tool.

3. Unique SEO Content Article

With respect to the above mention point, Google is always looking for unique and informative content. The biggest mistake a newbie SEO writer in 2020 makes to use copy content. Or spin the content to re-publish. This SEO practice is not only unethical but also can cause your website penalized by Google search engines. Thus, never copy content and adhere to write fresh unique content. If you have followed our first step to ‘topic research’, we assure, you can produce new content.

Next, you can check the content for SEO Copyscape with SmallSEOTools.com or Siteliner.com. These tools are free of cost and help beginners SEO content writers to check duplicate content.

4. SEO Article Length

Many people ask me, “What is the ideal content length for SEO article?” Understanding that the length of the article impacts the SEO ranking in Google search results. This topic is a bit debatable. Because many of our article with the only word count 200 rankings in Top 5 Google ranking. Comparatively, to 5,000 words article in below 50 Google ranking.

This is because the keywords for both articles are different. Moreover, the competition on both keywords is different. How does it work? It’s simple and easy to rank a micro-niche keyword with low traffic, but the searches for these keywords are very low. Thus, also relatively lack conversion.

When we developing an SEO action plan for the business, there are a set of keywords which you cannot comprise with. In this case, you need to develop an SEO content which is unique and the length should be average of the competitor’s content.

For example, if your competitors have written 2000 words, then you should write 2100 words. This is how the Google search engine will determine your content. However, the quality of content, images, URL, title, Meta description, backlinks, and many other factors impact ranking.

You may consider a competitors analysis tool to determine to spy on your enemy content strategy. Spyfu is one such popular SEO competitor’s analysis tools.

Writing the Effective SEO Article

Building an SEO article is now easy. Just follow these simple tricks and you are sorted. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for SEO writing. We may answer you in the comments!

Share this article with your friends who can benefit from these tips to SEO optimized article writing.

Team Digital Shiksha

Team Digital Shiksha

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