SEO or Search Engine Optimization


You’ve likely to hear word SEO enough time while internet marketing. In fact, SEO is meant to be the key to the internet marketing world. However, people who are not tech savvy, might not be familiar with the word SEO.

Every day, WordPress users alone publish over 2 million blog posts. That results in 24 posts every second. SEO might look complicated, but it’s very easy to understand and simplify work. So, to help those who do not have an idea about what SEO is, we brought a simplified version.

Definition: The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization SEO is a technique of optimizing a website. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps to promote business online by making you more visible. One of the best ways of online marketing is to make yourself more visible on the leading search engines.

Let’s see what our favorite site Wikipedia has to say:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine‘s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic“, or “earned” results.

Most common questions asked:

But how does it happen? With the help of SEO, you can obtain a higher ranking. Therefore, your page will appear higher in the list of results that appear after a search in leading search engines. Similarly, higher the ranking, the more will be the visibility. Likewise, higher will be the number of visitors visiting your web page or website. With an increase in the number of visitors, you will get a greater chance of making customers. You can choose to target a particular search with SEO. For example, you can go for optimizing in search images, videos, news, or books.

We’ll discuss more “What is SEO?” in next post.