20 Ridiculously Useful Free URL Shortener Tool You Don’t Want To Miss For Customizing Shorten Links (July 2019)

URL Shorteners are very popular and 2019 is no exception. I personally understand why it is an important internet marketing tool. There has been more than one time when I wished someone share advice on URL shorteners during my early marketing career.

When was the first time I realized the need for URL shorteners? I was trying to post a URL on a social media site. That was the time I got frustrated by how long the link was. This is where my hunt for URL shortener begin. I wanted a free URL shortener tool with the unlimited converter. But it might not be easy to figure out which one is the best.

There are a number of uses of URL Shorteners, some less novice than others, but I began to wonder why people are attracting to these services. There is no doubt, that free tools like Bitly and TinyURL are popular, thus, are extensively used by marketers to generate short links for social media sharing. But it seems to derive popularity mainly from being one of the oldest niche services provides. This is usually when somethings become popular and several small or large enterprise jumps aboard. Now we have a large inventory of sites while the majority of them offering free services. Thus, it becomes important for someone to justify the best tools available in the market. But, before we get into the top list let’s understand what are URL shortener tools.

Let’s begin with taking an example:

Look at this URL

URL 1:

Now, see the short URL version of above

URL 2:

Can you see the difference between both? If you click on URL 1 and URL 2, both the links will take you to the same pages. While the only difference between both the links is the number of characters. URL 1 has 71 characters while URL 2 has 29 characters. Now, looking at both the URL, think which URL will you wish to click? URL 2?

In the majority of cases, users will click URL 2 because it is short and give a sense of effortless and easy-to-go.

What is URL Shortener?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is a way to identify the file location on the internet. A URL can be long, complicated, and difficult to track. To conclude, URL shortener is a technique on the World Wide Web (www) in which URL may be made substantially shorter a still direct to a web page. A URL shortener tools come handy to create a long link shorter which takes you to the same page. The tool tale your link and make it personal by using your brand. However, many URL shorteners also offer analytics about who is clicking on your links and why. Thus, keeping track of site analytics is one way to increase site traffic.

Why Do You Need URL Shortener?

You might be thinking that URL shorteners are an extensive process, but it is an imperative one. URL shortener tool is beneficial as you can make your site link visually appealing. Indeed, it facilitates you to show off your brand as partner links fit in places where you have access to limited numbers of characters. For instance, Twitter only allows 280 characters and you need to avid pages when you have more to say. Similarly, take a look at 5 benefits of URL shortener tool 2019.

  1. Track site performance: Majority of URL shortener tools in 2019 offers analytical data. By tracking site performance marketers can understand how they engage with the audience, thereby, adjust strategies accordingly.
  2. Useless character space: Saving character space is critical, especially when it comes to posting on Twitter. Getting your message across social media platform with restricted characters feel like rocket science. Link shortener makes the easy by optimizing URL. Thus, improve the SEO of the site.
  3. Higher click-through rate: Online users are used to scrawling shortened links on social media. Due to this, using shortened links increases click-through rate. It is the easiest approach that can add value to your social media strategy, besides, increase effectiveness.
  4. People are used to them: Everyone is attracted to simplicity. When it comes to short link, users feel relate to them. Shorter links have become so common that most people do not pay attention. However, most of the users consider unshortened links as unprofessional.
  5. Promotes sharing: Significantly, shorter links make it easier to share, which promotes business sharing as a whole. Don’t you like as many shares as possible on a post? Then why should you be making the process of sharing any harder than it is?

When it comes to social media marketing, short links are only kinds of URLs marketers should incorporate. If you do not give it a thought, it’s definitely time to start. The beauty of using these tools is simply copied and paste. On top of this, they offer analytics.

How To Choose Best URL Shortener?

You need to choose a URL shortener based on how many links and how much traffic you want. Other factors like the size of your team, the size of your budget, and the purpose of using the URL shortener here are a few things you need to consider before choosing the best  URL shortener:

  1. Features: Before you begin, understand what they offer, especially for what they offer for free. Is it for social media? Affiliate marketing? Online Advertising? Or Personal Branding?
  2. Purpose: Understand why you need the URL shortener tool. If you need under 2,500 clicks and only need 500 links every month, then a free tool can work best for you.
  3. Price: The price of  URL shortener may vary depending on the features you choose. However, the majority of the tools are free for users. Do you need massive traffic on URL? Typ affordable tools like ClickMeter, BitlyPro etc.
  4. Link branding: Identify the tools that offer customization to your domain and make branded short links.
  5. Easy to use: Look for tools that offer easy to use, flow, user-friendly, and good design.
  6. User base: Equiry number of users they have, client base and how stable is their company.

Here is a list of top URL shorteners online tools that you may find helpful.

20 Best Free URL Shortener Tools 2019

Great! you have made it to this section. Here is a our pick for 20 best free URL shortener tool.

1. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools offers a complete set of text tools at your fingertip. Some of the popular SEO tools by are plagiarism checker tool, backlink checker tool, article spinner, spell checker, grammar checker, word count, change text including URL shortener tool. To short the link, you need to enter domain with HTTP://, and then click on a check to generate URL. Small SEO URL shortener tool helps to create a small URL and make the link more manageable.

2. Bitly

Bitly is a widely popular URL shortener tool. It allows users to track as well as optimize every touchpoint of the URL. There are big chances that a good number of shortener links you have clicked were optimized using this tool. The free URL shortener tool allows you to simply copy and paste the link for unlimited times. However, becoming a registered member of the site allows access to more options like customizable links, track link statistics etc. Registering to the premium version of Bitly enables you to gain access to more features like creating campaigns and securing links.

3. TinyURL

TinyURL is another URL shortening tool that has been around for quite some time. The tool helps to shorten links as well as customize links for free. Another thing which makes the tool even more unique is an option to add to your browser toolbar for both Google Chrome Extension and Mozilla users. This feature lets you create short links quickly, thus, TinyURL is the best tool for you.

4. is a free URL shortener tool like TinyURL. This tool is now part of Hootsuite. The free version of Hootsuite gives you unlimited access to the link shortener.  Hootsuite is the most popular social media management platform that lets you manage all social media account under one platform, schedule, post, and track important messages. The best part for integrating with Hootsuite is that now you can easily share short links in your social media posts which is handy when it comes to sharing content.

5. offers URL shortener that is fast, ethical, and easy to use. The best feature includes custom shortened links and detailed statistics. In fact, you do not need a CAPTCHA code or long verification procedure to shorten the links. Thus, you can create your own link which helps to create more identifiable URLs when posting online.

6. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is favourite URL shortener tool for marketers as it lets you monitor, compare and optimize links in one place to increase conversion rate. The main feature of the tool is excellent analytics, conversion tracking, multiple dedicated domains, Editable destination builder (URL, SSL, UTM), multiple redirect options, and retargeting on links. It’s not just a URL shortener tool but a complete link management suite.

7. understands the importance of URL and handles all the complexity so that your links work across every platform and channel. is an industry leading mobile tracking and deep linking platform trusted by the top mobile ranking applications. With Mobile SEO becoming imperative in 2019, shorten links for mobile is equally crucial for better accessibility.

8. is a URL shortening tool that is a part of Buffer. The buffer is worlds top social media management tool that helps share and track post on a different social media platform. works best on every kind of post and it eliminated the link from breaking and making it easy to share with users. If you use Buffer, then you should take the most advantage of

9. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is another URL shortener for individuals looking for an excellent option to shorter URL for sharing with users. The tools allow creating custom links that go along with your brand. This helps to enhance brand visibility with building trust with the audience on every link you share. It also lets you track marketing efforts by providing the most valuable detailed click statics. The links can be shared on any major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  


T2M stands for Text for Marketing is a Canada based link management tool. The tool was mainly designed for businesses, universities, and survey agencies. The custom free URL shortener tool offers unlimited access. However, premium users can gain access to track every click on a yearly, monthly, and daily basis. T2mio also allows you to share links on social media and QR code on one-click. Every link is password protected and API compatible.

11. BL.INK

BL.INK is a user-friendly and easy to scale more than just a short URL. The live-tracking feature of the tool allows users to see which content audience loves most so that marketers can make informed decisions. BL.INK offers a budget-friendly option to grow your business. What makes BL.INK sets apart from other link short tools is that you can create campaigns and easily track performance with real-time click analysis.

12. Moourl

Moo URL is known to offer cutest URL shortening service. You just have to past URL in the text field you would like to have shortened in the box and click on “Moo!”. Moourl will let you shorten the massively long and complex URLs that you obtain from YouTube or other sites.

13. Snipli

Snipli is a popular free URL shortener service with a social twist. The software allows you to sign-up for an account which allows you to edit the URL, subscribe RSS feeds of latest Snips,  create multiple Snip URLs, and protect with a password.

14. is a decent alternative to above-mentioned tools as it offers a simpler approach. The tool has a clearer interface without minimum ads. Additionally, you can sign up for an account to track statistics for shortened links.


Notlong basic tool to make long URL small so it fits easily in social media post and emails without wrapping. It not only shorts links but also lets you choose a subdomain. This best custom URL shortener free online presents you with a password with which you can track URL statistics, besides, you nee no registration. However, you need to be creative while picking up a subdomain that isn’t already taken.

16. Check Short URL

CheckShortURL is a customizer tool that supports all URL shortening services from,,,,,, and many others! The tool allows you to retrieve the original URL from the source of the link before clicking and visiting the destination. CheckShortURL suggests several safe browsing tools to verify the integrity of your shortened links:

17. is easy to use a URL shortener that also offers users to check click statistics. It is popular as you can short-URL with only 15 characters quickly with no similar looking letters. The characters include small or capital letters only.

18. is another URL shortener that pays you based on link clicks. All you have to do is share short links and get paid within 24 hours. This is a unique URL shortener tool because it features Geotarget, Custom Alias, API integration, Export URLs, Password Protected, Powerful Dashboard and lot more.

19. Yourls

Yourls stands for Your Own URL Shortener. How do URL shortener tools work? The Yourls is a free and open-source software that works on a small set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run your own URL shortening service. Here is a list of Yourls features: Sequential URL keywords, neat Ajaxed interface, full jsonp support, historical click reports, referrers tracking, visitors geo-location, and more.

20. Clkim

Clkim is known to be the most flexible URL shortening platform that lets you advertise users directly. You can also customize the URL based on the mobile operating system. It is a perfect tool when driving traffic to websites where you cannot place pixels.

Final Words

As you know has discontinued its services, thus, there is still a good range of quality URL shortening tools 2019. With these tools, you can ensure customize links to make your social media post and emails more user-friendly.

If you’ve any more sites to share with our readers, comment down below.

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