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Best WordPress SSL Plugins In 2018

Are you planning to migrate your WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS?  Do you need a WordPress SSL Plugin? 

A website that displays ‘https’- have an SSL certificate. A secure socket layer (SSL) is a standard internet security technology. It encrypts website information between server and browser. Consequently, it creates an HTTPS in the URL. This signifies visitors that a website page is secure.

Why need SSL for WordPress Website?

If you have a WordPress website that collects user personal information like name, address, credit card information, etc, you need SSL certificate. Otherwise, you are compromising with customers information.

In addition, Google and other search engines use SSL certification as a ranking factor for secure websites. Here are some good reasons to use SSL:

  • It provides better security
  • Gives peace of mind to customers
  • Customers can trust sharing personal information
  • Higher Google search ranking

How to migrate to https in WordPress Sites?

If you’re not a developer, it is impossible for you to redirect pages to HTTPS without a plugin. A plugin will not only saves your time but also is cost-effective. 

Best WordPress SSL Plugins for your website:

Really Simple SSL

Real simple SSL It’s a simple plugin that automatically detects your SSL certificate settings and configures to the website. Really Simple is a lightweight WordPress SSL Plugin with minimum options. The basic features are free to use while the premium version is also available from $20 up to $145 for a full-service configuration and optimization of SSL.

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Insecure Content Fixer is an effortless plugin that helps to clean HTTPS insecure content and mixed content warnings. Once you’ve installed the SSL certificate, you are quite not done. It automatically performs some basic fixes under the default settings. However, you can choose for more comprehensive fix levels.

CloudFlare Flexible SSL

CloudFlare Flexible SSL

It’s a flexible and simple WordPress SSL plugin to secure data. As the visitor loads your website they’re connected to CloudFlare instead of the website. The plugin forms an integral part of enabling Flexible SSL. However, as you load the site it prevents infinite redirect loops.

WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

WordPress HTTPS is an all-in-one solution for SSL sites. Although it is a well-known plugin it comes with multiple features. It fantastic, light-weight, and great for securing the entire site.



If you have suggestions for alternate WordPress SSL plugins, share with our readers in the comment section below.

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